Sunday, December 09, 2018


So far we have gotten in a few family traditions,
even though daddy was sick for two weeks.
Looking forward to a great Christmas!

Family Pictures

 This is mom's favorite time of the year, family photos.
I'm just saying you should be thankful they don't come with audio!
I love our family!

Fall Birthdays

 The fall is a busy time for birthdays!
Lola turned 80
Bear and Noah = 8
Nora = 7
Axel = 4
 Thankful for our friends!
Lilli and Bear got to celebrate Noah's bday racing.

Halloween 2018

Trick-or-treating with cousins and friends 
 Dress up and pumpkins just because
 Lots of candy trades and sugar highs
Back to the Literature Day Tradition too

Pilgrims Place and fun with friends

We finally made it back around to the old tradition,
I don't understand, but I find the "glue-in" so relaxing.
Boys had fun with the chalk drawing and storytelling.
Here are some pictures with friends.
Lilli has had a fun year with Jasmine and lots of Knotts days.
Basically the rest of the friend days usually consist of us fighting over Mikayla,
Lilli won for most of November. 

Fall Photos

If I must.

Boys Day

 So one day mom said someone else was picking us girls up
I called her after school and she did not appreciate
my complaining as she was having a happy day
@ Legoland ?!?!?!?!
Bear and Axel were so excited to tell about their
first real roller-coaster experiences
"the dragon one and the dinosaur"

Best Day Ever 2018

Thanks to Aunt Kelly for winning us tickets
and Aunt Karen who ended treating us with all
types of good fortune. (Dessert & box seats!)

More Cuties

Well we are moving on from cuties
 Axel found an alien he wanted to pose by

 Axel's usual favorite moves include a gun or a dab
 Bear's favorite thing in the world is currently
(Glad he's sleeping and you can't hear "the noise")
Lilli is still the animal lover so I practiced my makeup skills on her
and she looks like a deer/dear.

Proud of Daddy

 We got to go see Daddy's firehouse opening, 
proud of my daddy!
Also documenting his extreme patience
and amazing gardening skills.
His golden pineapples are the best!

Fun with the Cousins

and fun with Snapchat

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Life is not Fair

Positive: got to take a friend
Negative: had to take the little animals to the barn

New School

SO happy to see some of my old friends at my new school.
Lilli and Bear aren't too happy about the past 2 short summers.

Summer, summer, summertime

 Beach day with Nana & Pops
 Fun 4th

 Kira's 1st Birthday
 Adventure Playground will always remain in my memory
 Camping: only because everyone else was doing it.
Not my thing, I just want to go home!
(Thankfully we were only 15 minutes away)
Train park for the boys

Mom life

My mom says she is living the dream taking care of us. 
We are one crazy bunch.


 This is my favorite picture of this cutie!
My sister argues that this is the favorite cutie!
Mom is actually forcing me to put a picture of Smokey in the runnings.

Visit to Texas

 Our favorite part was going to Aunt Shannie's and Uncle Mick's
part of the woods.
According to my brothers and sister, leaving was the worst part!
"Y'all come back now ya hear!"

Spring Break 2018

 It was our first time flying, at least that I can remember, I survived. PTL!
 Fun times in San Antonio

 Beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens

Saltlick: Best Texas BBQ
(drove for miles & miles) 

 Lots of good memories and pictures!
Mom always loves the pictures, she says they don't come with the NOISE.