Saturday, September 23, 2017

Feeling Honored

 Celebrating a final award ceremony, our last at OPA.
Mom says she is honored I am her daughter.
It was a great year!

Time Flies

 Our days are always filled with fun, thanks to busy mom.

Spring Water Play

 Sisters pausing the battle momentarily for an obligatory snapshot.
 Serious Guns

Saturday, September 16, 2017


 We had a great time at the Aquarium with Nana and mom.

 Mama's 4 blessings,
may we never loose our wonder.

Greatest Show on Earth

 Bear got to star as a bear in the Kindergarten circus. 

 The color run was fun, we love our school!

1+1 Birthday

 I celebrated my 11th birthday with my friends and family.
So glad to share this week with my BFF.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Bear loves Kindergarten

Bear loves school, he even gets sad on the weekend because there is no school.
The 100th day of school Bear and his little friend, Jilly looked so cute.  It must have been a rough 4 hours because here is mom's before & after pic when the "old man" was picked up. LOL!

Annual Disney

 Annual Disneyland trip, thanks to Uncle Mick & Aunt Shannie.  I am sure "Mickey Boy" has way better pics, but here are a few from our family day. Uncle Mick & I must have been running to the "front of the line" because mom has no pics of us.

Cute Kids

 Bear loved throwing the ball in at his first chance at soccer.
 Axel, still in love with the "Moo Moo's"
Lilli refuses to procrastinate (man, are we opposites!)
She is practically ready for school Sunday afternoon, 
even though she protests going every week.

Birthday Buddies

                                                            Lilli and Smokey's Birthday